LookMovie is a free streaming website which is offering a huge amount of movies and series for visitors around the world. LookMovie has been created many years ago, closed after some problems and now we have reopened it during the pandemic because lot of people have now more free time than ever and they need a good source of freee movies and series so they can kill their time while staying inside. We have worked a lot on this website so it can have real chances to become your favorite place for watching movies, all you have to do is to give it a little time, explore it and discover the best quality content and the most amazing features that you've ever seen on a free streaming site.

Even if LookMovie has been created recently and we have started it from scratches, our previous experience with developing this kind of sites helped us a lot to build an impressive collection of movies and series in such a short time. Also, there is not only one person behind this website, we are a team who is passionate about online streaming and it'a a pleasure for us to spend our time working on LookMovie and offering everybody a good place where they can watch movies and series for free. Nobody has enough money to pay an expensive subscription monthly and that's why our website will remain free forever. By the way, we've written below a list with the main characteristics of LookMovie - the ultimate free streaming site.

Trusted website. Some people who still remember the old LookMovie website know that we never disappointed our visitors and always offered the best quality content on this website and that's what we will keep doing. You can count on us when you are looking for the best place to watch movies and series for free.
Biggest database. We didn't have much time but we've managed to already publish 15.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes on LookMovie website. Probably there were one or two sites who also published such a great quantity of films but usually the majority of free sites are only hosting about a few thousands of movies which is not enough. In our big collection you can find almost everything you can imagine in matter of movies and series. All years, genres and categories are available here.
Good quality. It's almost 2021 and nobody should accept horrible video quality anymore. However, there are still a lot of streaming sites who offer crappy quality and that's disappointing. On LookMovie we are not publishing anything less than HD 720p and very often the latest movies can be viewed in Full HD 1080p. Hopefully, soon we will be able to stream 4K quality for free so stay tuned to our website.
Fast loading. The times when you had to wait a little eternity for a movie to load have passed. Now we are using advanced servers and technology that makes our video players to load instantly so you don't have to wait at all. Just press the play button and your movie or episode will start running automatically without any buffering or interruptions.
English subtitles. We have observed a lot of good movies and series which are not English, instead are coming from countries like Germany, Spain or others and this is the reason why all the foreign dubbed content now benefits of suitable English subtitles and all the english speakers can watch them without problems. This was an idea provided by one of our visitors and we are thankful for this advice/request, anyone can send us more in the comment sections and we will try to improve this website.
No registration. Everyone can visit LookMovie anonymously and watch any movie or serie without registration. We don't want our visitors to lose time when creating an account and that's why we don't request that. You can still register for some extra features but this is not mandatory.
No advertising. You can have the best watching experience on LookMovie - the only streaming website without advertising. We are supporting this website from our own pocket so you won't encounter any pops and ads here.
Well organized. Find your favorite movies and series using tags such as genres, year, country, actors, director, network and more. Also, we have created pages where the content is sorted by Popularity, Most Favorite, Rating and Top IMDb so you can get some inspiration and find your favorite movies and series faster than on other sites.